Tuesday, April 21, 2009

About Me

I am a mom who grew tired of taking her children to a chain studio for portraits only to wait 45 minutes past our appointment time.  I was tired of the standard poses.  Of course, I thought the pictures were cute, but I always left feeling like they hadn’t captured the true essence of my children. 

And then there’s brown eyes.  I was tired of my childrens’ beautiful brown eyes looking like black holes.  Their eyes are full of light and life!  I wanted pictures that showed this.  So I asked my husband to buy me a nice camera.  Then, I took a class, read a ton, talked to other professional photographers, and drove my children nuts while I practiced. 

Ultimately, I learned how to use natural lighting to create images that showcase my children.  And I learned how to make their amazing brown eyes look just as amazing in portraits.  Most importantly, I learned that I can’t stop learning about photography.  I am constantly trying to improve or try a new technique.

I know oh-so-well how being a mommy changes your life forever.  When holding a sweet new life in your arms, you want to remember those lazy yawns, innocent expressions, and sweet smiles forever.  You blink your eyes, and your baby is suddenly walking, running, climbing, and jumping.  Each stage is precious in its own way.  Preserving these fleeting moments is what I love to do.  And if I have the privilege of working with you, it is a responsibility that I do not take lightly.